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FL 510HV-G Tracking

The ideal outdoor laser. Optimized laser for outdoor applications with automatic axis alignment in horizontal and vertical. Read more

Theodist FTD 05

Reflectorless Total stations The Geo-Fennel TheoDist® is designed to be user- friendly and quick to set up on any construction site. Easy to handle, robust, exact and reliable. Read more

Leica Disto X310

Robust Multi-functionality! The new Leica DISTO™ X310 is the only laser distance meter to be DUST TIGHT and PROTECTED AGAINST WATER JET SPRAY – rated to IP65. Read more

FL 70 Premium-Liner SP

Technology at its best. FL 70 SP is a Selection PRO product with special features Read more

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Environmental Measuring Instruments




Suitable for a wide range of applications including electrical, food preparation, automotive, maintenance, construction, health and safety – the environmental measurement devices from geo-FENNEL are reliable partners wherever physical values such as temperature and humidity must be precisely determined. They are characterized by their ease of use and intuitive operation – making precise measurement results into a visible and tangible measurement experience.

geo-FENNEL 590 Moisture Meter

The moisture meter 590 determines the humidity content of a material according to the resistance principle: the two measuring pins are pressed into the material and electrical current is conducted through it. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FCT 1 Data Coating Thickness

Coating Thickness Tester for fast testing and measuring of non-magnetic coatings on steel or non-ferrous metals. Trades and tasks: Paint shops, car industry, construction. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FFM 100 Moisture Detector

Quick non-destructive measurement of surface humidity up to 40 mm measuring depth. Trades and tasks: Building materials, concrete floors, walls, ceilings. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FGD 1 Gas Leak Detector

Easy-to-use gas leak detector for locating gas leaks from a safe position. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FHM 10 Moisture Meter

Pocket-size moisture meter for fast and convenient measurement of moisture content. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FHM 20 Moisture Meter

The FHM 20 is a moisture meter for wood and building materials Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FHT 100 Humidity and temperature Meter

Trades and tasks:Environmental monitoring,warehouses, production facilities,greenhouses (floristics),ventilating and air-conditioning,civil engineering, construction physics and more. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FHT 60 Humidity and Temperature Meter

Trades and tasks: Environmental monitoring,warehouses,production facilities,greenhouses (floristics),ventilating and air-conditioning,civil engineering, construction physics etc. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FHT 70 DataLog Temperature and humidity Data Logger

Data logger for recording temperatures and air humidity over a longer period for check-up and analysis. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL Firt 1000

Small and handy infrared thermometer, easy to operate, for versatile applications. Particular feature: Measurement with dual laser to focus the target. Trades and tasks: Heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems, food industry, car industry etc. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL Firt 1000 DataVision Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer with a large temperature range and integrated 2.2“ TFT colour LC display for monitoring and evaluation of monitored data. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL Firt 1600 Data Infrared Thermometer

For very high temperature measurements. With integrated memory for monitoring and analysis. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FIRT 550-Pocket and FIRT 800-Pocket

Small and handy infrared thermometer, easy to operate, for versatile applications. Particular feature: Measurement with dual laser to focus the target Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FLM 400 Data Luxmeter

Luxmeter for professional indoor measuring and monitoring of light insolation. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FMM 5 5 in 1 Digital Multimeter

Trades and tasks: Universal measuring device for DC and AC voltage, DC current resistance , transistor hFE diode and continuity test, light (luminosity), sound, humidity, temperature overload protection. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FSM 130+ Sound Level Meter

Trades and tasks: Industry, health and safety, school, public works, environmental measurements. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FT 1000-Pocket Digital Thermometer

Trades and tasks: Temperature measurement of liquids and soft materials. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FT 1300-1 & FT 1300-2

Professional K-type thermometers with single and dual input. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FTA 1 Thermometer-Anemometer

A professional remote vane thermo-anemometer for measuring air velocity, air flow and temperature. Product Details...

geo-FENNEL FVE 100

Video borescope for inspection and survey of inaccessible spaces. Product Details...

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